Do More than Print: Streamline Workflow and Cloud-Based Collaboration | Dell (2024)

With 64 percent of workers performing at least some of their work tasks at home, and half of desktop users incorporating other devices as well, it’s become necessary for offices to offer complete printer connectivity wherever workers may be and whatever devices they may be using. To meet this demand, printers are evolving into multi-purpose hubs, built to facilitate collaboration and digital workflow.

For years, Dell has been an innovator in imaging, creating award-winning products that meet the needs of SMBs and larger companies alike. Designing smarter printers is just one part of our commitment to providing end-to-end solutions for our business customers.

These customers often have different needs depending on the size of the company:

For small- to mid-sized businesses, imaging needs revolve primarily around ease and collaboration. Many SMB team members are on the move, so companies want their printers to have cloud connectivity and mobile printing capabilities, as well as easy-to-use features that help them cut down on processes and save time and effort.

Larger businesses need network-ready, multi-function printers that facilitate sharing within a work group. These printers must be simple to operate, with efficient document workflows, but should also be robust enough to handle high-volume printing and offer a low cost per page. For companies of this size, it’s also vital that the printer be equipped with industry-standard security features.

To meet both of these groups’ needs, we’re introducing two categories of printers:

  • H-Series cloud multifunction printers
  • S-Series smart multifunction printers

The H-Series printers are ideal for IT environments with minimal or no IT support, such as SMBs, remote work spaces, executive offices and micro-businesses. S-Series are designed for managed IT environments, such as medium businesses, public organizations and large enterprises.

Within our H-Series and S-Series categories, we’re pleased to offer several new options that we think will give companies better tools than ever for file sharing and collaboration.

New H-Series Cloud Multifunction Printers

Since we know many small- and mid-sized companies have limited IT support, we’ve ensured getting started with any of our three new cloud multi-function printers (H625cdw, H825cdw and H815dw) is as simple as possible — the WiFi installation process is designed for non-technical personnel. Moreover, we’ve incorporated collaboration features that specifically address the pain points of SMBs.

Employees and clients of SMBs bring their own workflow preferences to the workplace, commonly resulting in a disjointed filing system in which some individuals or groups use Dropbox, others use Box or Google Drive, and still others use one or more of those apps in combination with Evernote and other cloud-based services. This can make it tough for team members across the organization to find and retrieve files when they need them.

H-series printers help SMBs and micro-businesses streamline access to these many cloud-based services through the Dell Document Hub. With a single sign-on, users can easily search, scan to, and print from their connected cloud storage services directly from their Dell cloud printer, or from their iOS, Android or Windows mobile devices using the Dell Document Hub app.

They can also connect to Salesforce via Dell Document Hub for better mobile collaboration and can scan to/print from various Salesforce destinations (Accounts, Contract, Documents, Opportunities), straight from the printer.

New S-Series Smart Multifunction Printers

For larger companies, SharePoint often serves as a centralized communication and sharing platform. We’ve heard customers express frustration that, when scanning files, they only had the option to share to SharePoint’s online version, rather than the one hosted on-premise.

Our new S-Series devices (S2825cdn and S2815dn) are the first in this class of multifunction printers to offer scanning to SharePoint On-Premise for free. This enables easier collaboration between teams within the same company. Other features, such as the automated document feeder and the ability to scan a document into an editable format, enable a smooth and uninterrupted workflow.

The new S-Series printers address the security needs of larger organizations by offering a Secure Print feature and also guarding against unauthorized access with secure walk-up user authentication and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) with Kerberos authentication.

Both printer series feature a 4.3-inch intuitive touchscreen control panel with a dock menu for easy navigation between menus. Simply swipe or tap the apps on the newly designed, time-saving on-screen dock menu to launch common tasks instantly. And with one touch of the ‘Recent’ icon, your last printer task is executed.

The New S- and H-Series color printers also feature advanced low-melt toner technology for energy savings, along with something every office worker will appreciate—the ability to access paper jams easily without causing paper tears that may result in further damage.

These new devices are so much more than printers; they’re workflow and collaboration enablers that mean huge efficiencies for today’s ever-connected mobile workforce. We can’t wait to share them with you, and we look forward to continuing to expand our end-to-end business solutions based on feedback from our valued business customers.

Do More than Print: Streamline Workflow and Cloud-Based Collaboration | Dell (2024)


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