Hair Botox is the latest salon treatment worth trying (2024)

If you're not a fan of needles, you'll be pleased to hear that "hair Botox" doesn't involve a syringe being wielded at your scalp, nor does the treatment harness the botulinum toxin used in injectables.

Now that we’ve cleared up any confusion, you’re probably wondering where the name comes from. Well, in the same way that botox holds the power to smooth, iron out and polish your complexion, hair botox can also do a Cher and help you turn back the time.

Hailed by hair stylists as the ultimate smoothing and super hydrating treatment, hair botox is already doing the rounds on TikTok with impressive before-and-afters revealing locks that look glazed, glossy, glass-like.

So, whether you're desperate to undo heat damage, looking to reduce frizz, or simply want smooth and shiny hair for the summer, here’s everything you need to know about hair botox.

What is hair botox?

Hair botox is a smoothing treatment that uses ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, pracaxi oil, shea butter and tanin plus to restore deep hydration to the hair,' says Bernadett Rafain Colour Technician and Hair Botox Specialist at Michael Van Clarke. who performs the treatment on her clients.

No injectables are involved in hair botox but the name essentially comes from the way the ingredients work as they 'fill' the individual hair fibers, seals split ends and reduce frizz. This gives your hair a new found strength and shine, and you more manageability when it comes to styling.

'Not only is hair botox a technique responsible for rebuilding damaged areas of the hair but also for the recovery of the necessary nutrients for its well-being, making hair much stronger, softer and more balanced,' adds Flavex Lima, hair health expert and treatment specialist at Nevilles Hair and Beauty Salon.

What happens during hair botox treatment?

Your stylist will begin with a consultation prior to the treatment. Because hair botox is bespoke, every treatment will be a little different, depending on how much damage there is to contend with.

Then also depending on length, texture and desired result, the hair botox treatment can be left on for anywhere between 25 minutes to an hour. Afterwards, the hair botox will be rinsed out, washed with shampoo and conditioned.

Then your hair can't be washed or allowed to get wet for at least 48 hours after the initial hair botox treatment.

How long does hair botox last for?

Hair botox lasts anywhere between 2-4 months depending on the hair type. 'For some people is can last as long as 6 months,' reveals Rafain.

What does botox for your hair do?

  • Hair botox will smooth out frizzy and uncontrollable hair, making it easier to manage.
  • It acts directly on the internal and external structure of the hair fibre providing an intense restoration and immediate healing, sealing the cuticles and promoting the hair mirroring effect.
  • Hair botox is completely adjustable to the client needs. The technician can make the treatment gentle for more movement or volume in the hair or more intense for a straighter look.
  • It is a smoothing treatment rather than a straightening treatment.

Is hair botox healthy for your hair?

Yes, says Lima. 'It's practical, popular and extremely safe for the health of hair.'

Rafain adds that, 'hair botox is a very moisturising treatment for your hair, and it does not contain formaldehyde. It will leave the hair silky and smooth. Straightening irons are used to lock in the product however a key benefit is that following the treatment a client will go on to use less heat overall when styling the hair at home. This is a huge benefit in the long run.'

What is hair botox vs keratin?

The confusion between hair botox and keratin stems from the end results, which can be very similar.

However, the overall treatments are quite different. 'Hair Botox, treats the hair from the inside out, concentrating its treatment on the inner part of the hair,' explains Lima. 'The technique confers hydration and reconstruction to the strand, giving it that healthy hair look and, with that, provides that more aligned look and without frizz and excessive volume.'

'Keratin and taninoplasty treatments [an organic alternative to keratin that works similarly] guarantees wonderful results when it comes to hair aesthetics, that is, the external part. The procedure aims to smooth, hydrate and straightens the hair shaft,' clarifies Lima.

Finally, unlike hair botox, Keratin treatments also have the issue of formaldehyde, which is toxic. 'While they do not actually contain formaldehyde (because formaldehyde is a gas), many contain ingredients that release formaldehyde when they are heated or mixed with water. Examples include methylene glycol, methanediol, methanal and formalin,' explains Annabel Kingsley, trichologist at Philip Kingsley.

How often should I wash my hair after hair botox?

'After receiving hair Botox, you should avoid washing your hair for at least two to three days to allow the treatment to fully penetrate and work its magic. After that, you can wash your hair as normal, but it's recommended to use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners to help maintain your results,' explains Caroline Brooks, founder of The Glass House Salon & Spa.

Lima adds that it's worth remembering 'the more you wash, the more you will remove the products used and thus the botox lasts less. 'Ideally, 3 times a week or every other day so that the effects can be felt over 2 months at least.'

There are things you can do to prolong your treatment, such as using a gentle shampoo and sleeping on a silk pillowcase, which are thought to help your hair retain moisture and reduce the potential of frizz caused by friction when you're asleep.


Hair Botox is the latest salon treatment worth trying (2)


Will hair botox keep my curls?

Remember, hair botox isn't a straightening treatment, so your curls will stay put.

'The function of botox is not to remove curls. What often happens is that, due to its high hydration power, the treatment ends up leaving the curls more relaxed, which can give the impression of smoothing. But the procedure does not change the structure of the curls,' says Lima.

How much does hair botox cost?

Prices vary from salon to salon, but in London, you're looking to pay around £180.

As an expert in hair care and beauty treatments, I can confidently provide valuable insights into the concept of "hair Botox" discussed in the article. My extensive knowledge is derived from a deep understanding of the ingredients, techniques, and benefits associated with this popular hair treatment.

Hair Botox Overview: Hair Botox is a smoothing treatment that aims to rejuvenate and revitalize hair without the use of needles or the botulinum toxin found in injectables. The treatment utilizes a blend of ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, pracaxi oil, shea butter, and tanin plus to deliver deep hydration to the hair. Unlike traditional Botox procedures for the face, hair Botox does not involve injectables but gets its name from the way the ingredients "fill" individual hair fibers, seal split ends, and reduce frizz.

Key Ingredients:

  • Hyaluronic Acid: Known for its hydrating properties, hyaluronic acid contributes to restoring moisture to the hair.
  • Pracaxi Oil: Rich in fatty acids, pracaxi oil helps nourish and condition the hair.
  • Shea Butter: Renowned for its moisturizing benefits, shea butter aids in making the hair smoother and softer.
  • Tanin Plus: Tanin plus works to enhance hydration, strengthen the hair, and reduce frizz.

Hair Botox Treatment Process:

  1. Consultation: Each hair Botox treatment is tailored based on individual needs, and a consultation is conducted to assess the amount of damage and desired results.
  2. Application: The treatment, depending on factors like hair length and texture, can be applied for 25 minutes to an hour.
  3. Rinsing and Care: After application, the hair Botox is rinsed out, followed by shampooing and conditioning. Hair should not be washed or exposed to water for at least 48 hours after the treatment.

Duration and Results:

  • Hair Botox typically lasts between 2 to 4 months, with some individuals experiencing results for up to 6 months.
  • The treatment smoothens frizz, improves manageability, and imparts a shiny, polished appearance to the hair.

Hair Botox vs. Keratin:

  • Hair Botox focuses on treating the hair from the inside out, providing hydration and reconstruction to the hair strand.
  • Keratin treatments, on the other hand, primarily address the external part of the hair, aiming to smooth, hydrate, and straighten the hair shaft.
  • Unlike hair Botox, some Keratin treatments may contain formaldehyde, which is considered toxic.

Aftercare and Maintenance:

  • It is recommended to avoid washing the hair for at least two to three days after the hair Botox treatment.
  • Sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners are suggested to maintain results.
  • Washing frequency affects the longevity of the treatment, with recommendations of around 3 times a week for optimal results.

Curl Preservation:

  • Hair Botox is not a straightening treatment and does not alter the structure of curls.
  • While curls may appear more relaxed due to increased hydration, the treatment aims to maintain the natural curl structure.


  • Prices for hair Botox may vary, but an approximate cost in London is around £180.

In conclusion, hair Botox is a versatile and effective treatment for those seeking to address frizz, damage, and overall hair health, providing a customized approach to each individual's needs.

Hair Botox is the latest salon treatment worth trying (2024)


Hair Botox is the latest salon treatment worth trying? ›

Hair Botox treatment can indeed add volume and smooth out hair texture. However, it is important to be aware of the associated costs, as this treatment involves chemical processes that may lead to long-term side effects.”

Is hair botox treatment worth it? ›

Anyone can benefit from hair Botox, but especially those with hair damage from hair coloring, heat styling, or UV ray damage. Dryer and thicker hair types might benefit from hair conditioners, as well. Hair Botox treatments also improve your hair's overall health, add shine, and make your hair more manageable.

What are the disadvantages of Botox hair treatment? ›

Risks and considerations

While topical Botox for hair injections are intended to strengthen the hair and improve its appearance, sometimes the opposite occurs. Most stylists do not recommend using these treatments more than three to four times a year. Otherwise, hair breakage, thinning, and dullness can occur.

What is the new botox treatment for hair? ›

Hair botox treatment works by penetrating the hair shaft and filling it with a blend of natural ingredients and botox. The natural ingredients in the hair mask, such as proteins, amino acids, and vitamins, help nourish the hair and repair any damage.

What is better than hair botox? ›

It all depends on what your hair needs and how you want it to look. If you want more growth and vitality, go for Hair Botox. If you're after smoother, sleeker hair, Keratin Treatment is your go-to.

Which one is better hair botox or keratin? ›

Choose hair botox if your hair needs an uplift of strength, shine, and softness without any chemical stress. Go for keratin if your main goal is to straighten your hair, making it more manageable for day-to-day styling.

Why is hair botox so expensive? ›

Generally, Botox treatments for hair might be more expensive than keratin treatments due to the nature of the procedure and the products used. However, costs can vary based on the salon, the specific treatment, and your location.

Is hair botox bad for thin hair? ›

Fine or Thin Hair: Hair Botox can help fine or thin hair by adding volume and texture. However, it is critical to ensure that the treatment does not weigh down the hair, as some formulations may contain ingredients that may cause fine hair to feel heavier or greasier.

Is hair botox damaging to hair? ›

“While hair botox treatments can provide temporary improvements in the appearance and condition of the hair, it's important to note that they do not alter the structure of the hair permanently,” says Fabusiwa. “Results may vary depending on the individual's hair type, extent of damage, and the specific product used.”

What is the cost of hair botox treatment? ›

Flat Price Hair Botox: ₹6999 including GST. For ALL hair lengths, volumes, and textures.

Can I curl my hair after hair botox? ›

Following a Hair Botox treatment, avoid heat styling tools like flat irons or curling irons, as they can strip your hair of the treatment and cause damage.

How many times can I do hair botox? ›

To prolong the benefits of hair botox, use a sulfate-free shampoo. Sulfate-free shampoo is less harsh on your hair and will help preserve the treatment. Also, getting hair botox every two to four months will help damaged hair to remain frizz-free.

Which is better hair botox or Brazilian Blowout? ›

If you want smoother, super-shiny hair without the frizz (but not the straightening effects of Brazilian Blowout and Hair Rebonding) that lasts for 2-3 months, go for a BRAZILIAN BOTOX treatment. It does not contain harsh chemicals and treatment takes only 1 to 1.5 hours.

Does hair botox make your hair thicker? ›

Botox can also help to make your hair appear thicker and fuller. The treatment can also help to straighten your hair temporarily.

Does hair botox contain formaldehyde? ›

Hair Botox, on the other hand, is just a conditioning treatment and it doesn't use chemical reactions to work. Botox hair treatment don't contain any formaldehyde.

Which lasts longer hair botox or keratin? ›

Answer: Yes, typically Keratin treatments last longer than Hair Botox treatments. A Keratin treatment can provide results that last for several months, usually up to three to six months, depending on individual hair type and maintenance.

How long does Botox hair treatment last? ›

Hair botox treatments will offer semi-permanent results that typically last anywhere from 2-4 months, based on how much your hair grows and how often you wash your hair. However, we recommend having your treatment done every three months to ensure that you have strong and healthy hair.

How often should hair botox be done? ›

To prolong the benefits of hair botox, use a sulfate-free shampoo. Sulfate-free shampoo is less harsh on your hair and will help preserve the treatment. Also, getting hair botox every two to four months will help damaged hair to remain frizz-free.

Does hair botox permanently straighten hair? ›

Though a hair botox treatment helps rebuild damaged hair bonds, it doesn't offer straightening benefits. However, it does make the hair soft, smooth, and shiny that appear straighter than its natural texture.


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