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Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

The Fearful Master (1964)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
This is the John Birch Society (1972)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
World Without Cancer (1974)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Capitalist Conspiracy Booklet (1982)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
The Creature from Jekyll Island (1994)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
Invisible Ballots (2004)Description/BuyatAmazonUK
The End of Freedom (2015)Description/BuyatAmazonUK

G. Edward Grifin is an American conspiracy theorist, filmmaker, and author who also founded Freedom Force International.

Griffin was born in 1931 in Detroit Michigan where graduated with a major in communications and speech at the University of Michigan.

Following a stint in the Army, he developed an interest in history and the vast amount of knowledge in the treasure trove of documentation and books that many overlook.

The man has several times been in the “Who’s Who in America,” he has become well known for how good he is at doing research into difficult topics that he then presents in simple language that just anyone can understand.
Over the years, he has written and published works on a wide range of subjects.

Some of the subjects that he has written on include the United Nations, archeology, the Supreme Court, ancient Earth History, the politics and science of cancer therapy, the Federal Reserve System, U.S. Foreign Policy, and terrorism.
However, he is best known for his 1994 published work “The Creature from Jekyll Island,” even though he has also penned many other popular but controversial works.

Griffin has also been involved in filmmaking and over the years, has produced a wide range of recordings.

His impeccable research skills may be best seen in “The Great Awakening,” the recent documentary film that has been featured on the “Digital Freedom Platform” by London Real.

He has also been involved in TV production and was the winner of the prestigious Telly Award as the publisher of “Need to Know News,” creator of “Reality Zone Audio Archives”, and president of the video production and publishing company “American Media.”
G. Edward Griffin has also served on the “International Association of Cancer Victors,” is a member of “The National Health Federation,” and is a president and founder of “The Cancer Cure Foundation.”
He also runs very popular “Red-Pill Expos” which are aimed at popularizing a worldwide coalition for the victory of liberty over tyranny and individualist over colectivism.

While he is now well advanced in years, Griffin is still a force to be reckoned with but is still a switched-on and sharp man for someone of his years.

G. Edward Griffin’s novel “The Creature from Jekyll Island” is a work all about the Federal Reserve, which the author asserts is a cartel of bankers and not part of the American government.
They had met in secret on Jekyll Island to come up with a plan for another attempt at creating a central bank, even though they had previously failed miserably.

Through subterfuge and shenanigans, they passed laws to allow them to take over the banking industry in the United States.

Since that time, bankers manipulated the economic system by controlling the printing presses, even though only silver and gold may be used as money under the Constitution.
By doing this, they have created revolutions, wars, depressions, recessions, and even genocide. The cartel has in effect created a bunch of modern-day serfs living in poverty, and modern-day kings living in their castles in ultimate luxury.
It is also a work that will teach you a lot about history including the establishment of the Rothschild great banking dynasties of Europe.

While the Jews were hated in England, the Rothschilds mastered the art of hiding in the open and successfully ran the banks from the shadows.

Both Napoleon and Wellington were funded by the Rothschilds and in time, they expanded to the United States where they continued to build their fortunes.

“World Without Cancer” by G. Edward Griffin is a controversial work in which he asserts that a deficiency of vitamin b17 can result in cancer.

He also states that the medical community in America has conducted many studies but due to political reasons, the FDA has banned B17 concentrate.

The vitamin compound is found in more than 1200 plants such as plums, bitter almonds, peaches, apricots, nectarines, cherries, and blackthorns of the nitriloside family.
It can also be found in berries, grasses, broad beans, maize, peas, sorghum, alfalfa, millet, buckwheat, cassava, and apple seeds among others.

Griffin asserts that cultures such as the Himalayas Hunzas report no cancer in their population, which Griffin says is a result of a diet abundant in apricots.

The author also looks into the cyanide scare in apricots and peaches, even though he says that it was a scare tactic and that it was overblown to get Laetrile off the American market.
According to the research the author says he read, when you eat the fruit with seed it will protect you from the cyanide and hence it is perfectly safe to eat the pits and seeds alongside the fruit.
It is an interesting work that looks into the Leatrile and Vitamin B17 controversy, even if the author is not a scientist nor a medical doctor.

G. Edward Griffin’s novel “The Fearful Master” is a work in which the author dives deep into what the United Nations is. According to Griffin, the United Nations is nothing but a sinister plan for creating a one-world government.
He begins by telling the story of an anti-communist country named Katanga that left the Congo during the early 1960s.

Using brute force, the United Nations forced the country to reunite with the Congo and according to Griffin, more of this will be seen in the future and such moves could impact countries such as the United States.
He also makes other arguments against the UN and asserts that leftists, Communists, and their sympathizers have a lot of influence and power in the organization.

For this reason, they usually direct world events and have spies in the United Nations headquarters, effectively on American soil.

Looking at the United Nations Charter among other documents of the UN, he asserts that it could not be more different from the constitution of the US.

The United States sees rights as gifts from God while the UN treats them as gifts from the state, which means their value is lessened.

Moreover, the organization recognizes rights to things such as shelter and food which will over time encourage socialism and can be used to compel the United States to send money to Communist countries.

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