FFXIV Endwalker: How to complete Studium Gathering deliveries (2024)

After reaching level 80 on Botanist, Miner, or Fisher in Final Fantasy XIV, you can begin Endwalker’s Studium Gathering Deliveries. Like the crafting questline, completing tasks at the Studium will reward you with a hefty amount of EXP for leveling while also supplying you with valuable White Scrips. Before you begin hunting for your gathering collectables in the grind to level 90, make sure you’ve completed all of the requirements for unlocking these custom deliveries.

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In Endwalker, you’ll have another two sets of leveling and collectable turn-in quests available in Old Sharlayan—they’re just like the ones you may have done in the Crystarium with Shadowbringers. The Faculty of Anthropology provides rewards for Miner or Botanist, while The Faculty of Aetherology focuses on Fisher.

  • Tips for Completing the Studium Gathering Quests
  • How to Gather Collectables for Custom Delivery Turn-Ins
  • Endwalker's Miner and Botanist Studium Quests
  • Fishing Quests, Bait, and Locations for the Studium

The Studium | Tips for Leveling Gatherers and Making Gil

Crafting and gathering go hand in hand, so level them simultaneously. Or, if you’re looking to grind one role out first, start here with gathering. You can certainly spend Gil to make Gil in FFXIV, but mass-gathering your own is well worth the investment, and it’s pretty easy.

Miner and Botanist aren’t like crafting, where some classes are harder to level than others. They’re about the same, so it doesn’t matter much which role you pick to turn rewards in for. The quests will also always ask you to level the same thing; the items are just in different locations. You won’t get enough experience here to level one or the other completely, but you can supplement with other resources explained in our complete gathering guide.

While you’re out gathering for quests, farm for other Endwalker materials. The nodes you’ll chase for Studium Deliveries use the same locations as typical nodes for materials new in FFXIV’s 6.0 update. When you pick them up in bulk, it’s easy to make a hefty chunk of Gil. Trips out to the new zones shouldn’t go wasted, and even if you aren’t picking up things to sell, you can gather things for your crafting turn-ins. Just about every node you hit already has a purpose in Endwalker, and you'll need to wait for your GP to recover from gathering collectables anyway.

Spend your White Scrips on Tomes of Geological Folklore as soon as you can. They cost a lot of White Scrips, and you need to avoid hitting the 2,000 White Scrip cap and wasting currency. Buy Regional Folklore Trader’s Token C items whenever you get the chance; there’s a vendor just inside the Studium entrance. You’ll need 144 tokens to trade for all of your new books, which can unlock new Endwalker gathering nodes. It's worth throwing a few White Scrips towards fishing bait, too.

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Gathering Collectable Turn-Ins for FFXIV’s Studium

Gathering collectables stays the same on Botanist and Miner, but you'll change things up for a new set of skills on Fisher. Keep in mind, you want to hit maximum collectability on these as your turn-ins are limited. You can't do these quests again, and they give major EXP and Scrip bonuses for high quality.

If you had crafted and melded gathering gear in Shadowbringers, or your gear from scrips, you should be just fine to work on Studium deliveries. Watch for minimum recommended GP requirements, and focus on getting that collectability rating as high as possible or at max. Don't worry about gathering multiple at once, these quests ask for very little from nodes that aren't timed. You can afford to only collect one from each node without wasting too much time.

Botanist and Miner Collectable Rotations

Using 700 GP Gear:

  • Select your node and use Scrutiny
  • Meticulous Prospector
  • Scrutiny
  • Meticulous Prospector
  • Scour, to get as close or exactly to 1,000 Collectability
    • Do not worry about getting multiple collections from one node, focus on quality
  • Collect

Fisher Collectable Rotations

Before casting your line:

  • Turn on Collect
  • Adjust your Bait, (X_X_X)
  • Use Patience or Patience II

After casting your line:

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  • Use Powerful Hookset or Precision Hookset to reel in your fish
    • "!!" will appear as a marker foraPowerful Hookset indicator
    • "!" will appear as a marker fora PrecisionHookset indicator
  • Optional: Use Identical Cast to catch the same fish again
  • Optional: Use Surface Slap to scare away fish you don't want to catch after reeling them in


  • Turn on Collect before interacting with a node
  • Collectable fish will automatically be caught as a collectable, others will be added as normal
    • Pay attention to fish size and speed, these details matter

Completing Botanist and Miner Quests in Endwalker

When it comes to collectables, the FFXIV mining and botanysystem is largely the same as Shadowbringers with a few minor changes. Normal gathering is different, and now lacking a high quality option, but that's not the aim here. You'll speak to Hinageshi in the Studium and turn in items as the class, Miner or Botanist, you want to receive EXP as. Depending on which job you choose, these items will be in different locations, but you will still always gather the same thing.

Level 80 - Cooking Up a Culture

(6) Hannish Staples

  • Mining nodes atThavnair (X:10.1, Y:14.0)
  • Botany nodes atThavnair (X:22.5, Y:9.8)

Level 83 - The Culture of Ceruleum

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(6) Garlean Staples

  • Mining nodes atGarlemald (X:21.2, Y:28.7)
  • Botany nodes atGarlemald (X:16.1,Y:28.6)

Level 85 - The Culture of Carrots

(6) Lunar Staples

  • Mining nodes atMare Lamentorum (X:29.7, Y:35.6)
  • Botany nodes atMare Lamentorum (X:34.5, Y:27.3)

Level 85 - Hinageshi in Hingashi

(1) Hairpin Material

  • Mining nodes atThe Ruby Sea (X:24.1, Y:35.8)
  • Botany nodes atThe Ruby Sea (X:20.1, Y:6.6)

Level 88 - The Culture of the Past

(6) Elpis Staples

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  • Mining nodes atElpis (X:24.7, Y:9.5)
  • Botany nodes atElpis (X:20.8, Y:23.4)

Level 90 - The Culture of Love

(1) Eternity Ring Material

  • Mining nodes atLabyrinthos(X:22.6, Y:12.9 )
  • Botany nodes at Labyrinthos (X:28.0, Y:16.8 )

Where to Buy Bait, Find Fish, and Start Studium Fisher Quests

Fishing saw quite a few changes in Endwalker, but the biggest to note is what's changed in the Spearfishing system. Now, you'll be presented with a little mini-game window where you stab at shadows of fish. Both speed and fish size matter, so pay attention to which fish you aim for. Below you'll find the fish required for your Studium collectable turn-ins with T'laqa Tia and where to find the fishing holes.

Some fish will still hook without the Patience rotation, but fish starting at your level 88

Buying Endwalker Fishing Bait

You can buy bait for Endwalker fishing holes in Old Sharlayan and at Scrip Vendors anywhere.

The Studium Scrip Exchange Merchant (X:4.9, Y:9.3) sells Sky Spoon Lures for 50 White Scrips. You will need a few of these for the last Studium quest.

Old Sharlayan's merchant,Synnove(X:12.7, Y:10.4), also sells Shrimp Balls, Gold Salmon Roe, and Leeches for Gil.

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Mare Lamentorum's Junkgmonger at Bestways Burrow (X:21.1, Y:12.3) also sells Grey Worms.

Studium Fishing Hole Locations

Level 80 - Go with the Flow

(6) Giant Aetherlouse

  • Fishing Hole atLabyrinthos (X:17.3, Y:5.7) - Unmoved Source Alpha
  • Use Gold Salmon Roeas Bait

Level 83 - Data across the Decades

(6) Garjana Wrasse

  • Fishing Hole at Thavnair (X:10.4, Y:22.0) - The Great Runoff
  • Use Shrimp Ballas Bait

Level 85 - History Lesson

(6) Garlean Clams

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  • Fishing Hole atGarlemald (X:11.6, Y:30.8) - The Elban Thaw
  • Use Gold Salmon Roe as Bait

Level 85 - The Wandering Whale

(1) Alnarian Salmon

  • Fishing Hole at Thavnair(X:10.4, Y:22.0) - Ksiroda
  • Use Gold Salmon Roe or Versatile Lureas Bait

Level 88 - Fish Time Forgot

(6) Smaragdos

  • Fishing Hole atElpis (X:31.8, Y16.3) - Lethe
  • Use Sky Spoon Lure as Bait
    • Lures can break, make sure to take a few
  • Use Powerful Hookset, as indicated by (!!) marker

Level 90 - Pastures New

(1) Lunar Lamenter

  • Fishing Hole atMare Lamentorum (X:22.1, Y:31.8) - The Frozen Fissure
  • Use Versatile or Grey WormLure as Bait
  • Use Powerful Hookset,as indicated by (!!) marker

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FFXIV Endwalker: How to complete Studium Gathering deliveries (2024)


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